Medical imaging provides the opportunity to characterize disease with high temporal frequency and spatial extent. Medical imaging can also enable quantitative measures, providing specific diagnostic and prognostic tools.
What is NIX?
Networks of Imaging eXcellence (NIX) is an international alliance established for the purpose of accelerating research in quantitative imaging in medicine. The NIX Alliance links global sources of data with diverse expertise in image processing and analytics, biophysical modelling, biology and clinical medicine. NIX addresses the rapid transition of medicine to a discipline driven by informatics, providing an environment to enable derivation of reliable, validated imaging biomarkers. The NIX alliance enables derivation and repetitive refinement of these biomarkers in the context of the rapidly evolving field of analytics.

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NIX Mission
  1. To homogenise processes for the acquisition and collation of patient imaging for the purpose of deriving quantitative biomarkers.
  2. To provide a framework for establishing uniform and reproducible definitions for derivation of quantitative biomarkers and their application.
  3. To provide a legal, ethical and logistic framework for linking geographically, politically and functionally disparate data sets with each other and with relevant expertise, and provide an environment for cross-validation of derived biomarkers and models.