NIX One-Pager

Networks of Imaging eXcellence (NIX) Alliance

The NIX Alliance is an international collaborative effort to accelerate research in quantitative medical imaging. To address the rapid transition of medicine to a discipline driven by informatics, the NIX Alliance links global sources of data with diverse expertise by linking shared imaging data sets and offering dependable image analysis tools for expert use. The Alliance establishes a framework for ethically sharing and mining data, providing an environment for the derivation and validation of reliable quantitative imaging biomarkers.

NIX Objectives:
  • To homogenize processes for the acquisition and collation of patient imaging for the purpose of deriving quantitative biomarkers
  • To provide a framework for establishing uniform and reproducible definitions for quantitative biomarkers and their applications
  • To provide a legal, ethical, and logistic framework for linking geographically, politically, and functionally disparate data sets with each other and with relevant expertise, and provide an environment for cross-validation of derived biomarkers and models

This Alliance aims to help move medical imaging from qualitative interpretation to quantitative data science. This will enable the clinical use of specific quantifiable measures, providing diagnostic and prognostic tools to advance precision medicine – an approach to patient care which tailors medical interventions to an individual patient and their disease.

The main resources offered by the NIX Alliance are: (1) a data sharing infrastructure, (2) standardized image analysis tools, and (3) an environment for biomarker validation.

The NIX Alliance is governed by three committees:
Executive Committee:

Provides recommendations for the development of NIX and designate its future trajectories

Technical Committee:

Establishes and maintains the technical structure of NIX

Scientific Advisory Board:

Evaluates the functionality of NIX by surveying annual reports and review annual reports from the NIX Steering Committee

NIX is a global resource offering support for imaging research aspirations and a means for promoting and publicizing the use of quantitative imaging biomarkers. This Alliance aims to synergize and leverage existing global expertise in quantitative imaging within a uniform platform in order to overcome significant obstacles and empower the effective translation of quantitative imaging into clinical research and practice